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Mrs. Branch's Classroom Website 



**Tuesday, weekly folders (red folders) are sent home. You will find weekly conduct grades, papers from the school, and upcomming events located in this folder. 

**Grades are updated in JCampus weekly. If you have a question about your child's grade on an assignment please schedule a conference with me at the times listed below.  

** Homework will come home in your child's daily BLUE Folder. Work at your own pace on the homework throughout the week. Homework is due by Friday!

Refer to this page each week for updates on homework, important events, or reminders throughout the school year.


Mrs. Branch


We have lunch very early this year, at 10:45 am. Please send a snack with your child daily. 


Homework This Week: Read for 25 minutes. Tricky word test Friday 10/25/19


Study Guides are being sent home Monday! Test is Friday! 






  • identify and count sounds. segment spoken sintences into words. writing pre-requisite skills. 
  • Blend and segment single syllable words. Write upper and lower case letters for Aa, Cc, Gg, Nn, Pp, Bb, Ll, Rr Decode CVC words. 
  • Review sound spellings, read and spell one syllable words, spell Spell dictated words with /a/. 
  • Spatial qords to practice writing strokes
  • Understanding Directionality 
  • Letter sounds, orrally blend and segment single syllable words
  • decode and write CVC words
  • Read K level Texts
  • Read simple texts orally with accuracy and understanding
  • Knowledge- Ancient Greek Civilization


review of skills, discuss transitioning with ipads and small group lessons with teacher, complete zearn digital lessons

  • Kinder-  number 7, count and reason sets of 7, compare counts of 8 in different configurations, match with numeral 8, arrange and strategize to count 8, organize and count 9, match and write 9, strategize to count 9
  • First-  solve put together with result unknown math stories, solve add to with change unknown math stories as a context for counting on by drawing, writing equations. 
  • Second- Take from 10 within 100, Topic B Quiz, Connect measurement with physical objects. 


Continue working on number recogition, addition and subtraction facts to 10. This will help you child the most! Flash cards are a great way to study these facts at home. 


Science/Social Studies: 

Community Helpers

Our Community and Its Geography


Class Schedule

7:35-7:50 Student Drop off/ Breakfast 

7:50 Tardy Bell Rings 

8:15 ELA/Reading

9:00 Reading RTI

9:30 Enrichment

10: 15 Math

10:45 Lunch

11:15 Math

11:45 Math

12:00 Math

12:45 Math RTI

1:00 Recess

2:15 Science and Social Studies

2:45 Pack up and Dismiss 









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